Organise and Order all your Prescriptions and Healthcare Needs

MedAdvisor is a FREE application, which can be accessed on your smartphone or computer. It allows you to organise and order all your prescriptions and healthcare needs. You can then collect your order from Bellambi DRIVE THRU Pharmacy, at your own convenience.

So, you can visually see what prescriptions you have, how many repeats remain and when they expire. This app also notifies you when you need to see your doctor for a new prescription, and it can even send you notifications/alerts to remind you to take your medications. 

Another great feature of this app is the CARER MODE. If you are a carer for a loved one, then their profile can be added to your account. This will allow you to use the same app for their healthcare needs.

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We can quickly get you live with MedAdvisor in-store, by simply using your mobile number to send you a link to download the app or download the app RIGHT NOW using one of the links below.

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